Full Setup Download the full setup
Update Download the plain program exe file

Full Setup
File type Usage Description
Full Setup v1.02 (exe file, 3235kB)
Number of Downloads:

(# of prior downloads
v1.00: 39, v1.01: 143, total: 182)
First install This setup installs muon cockpit automatically. VB runtime and other needed components are included and will be copied to your system if neccessary.

If you once have run setup, you will only have to replace the plain program file MC.EXE in the future, if a new program version is available.

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File type Usage Description
Plain program file v1.02 (zip file, 362kB)
Number of downloads:

(# of prior downloads
v1.01: 23)
Update from a prior version Once muon cockpit was installed on your computer using full setup, it can be updated to a newer version by simply copying the new MC.EXE file over the old one in muon cockpit's program folder.
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